Sam Kolatchew

Sam Kolatchew

Senior Property Agent

Phone: 1300 626 111
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With international experience in a tough market, Sam is a top-line negotiator and is committed to bringing an extra level of professionalism to Newcastle’s rapidly evolving real estate industry. 

Sam turned a snowboarding trip to Canada into a four-year stay and entered the real estate industry after studying for his real estate license at the University of British Columbia.

Learning the business in the wake of the Global Financial Crisis was a baptism of fire for the young agent, but the negotiation, collaboration and communication skills he developed on a tough proving ground were invaluable to his development into a highly professional real estate agent.

No stranger to hard work, prior to his return to Australia, Sam worked as a floor hand on a drilling rig in the oil fields of Central Alberta, Canada. Working two weeks on, one week off and living on-site in what has long been considered one of the toughest jobs in the world taught him the value of hard work and developed even further his strong work ethic which has continued to drive his ascension to the top of Newcastle’s real estate industry today.

Sam returned to Newcastle in 2011 and put his knowledge and experience to work building his reputation as an agent on the rise, and after almost six years with a leading Newcastle agency, joined Harper Property Agents where he has quickly established himself as an in-demand senior property agent.

Sam is a skilled negotiator and prides himself on going the extra mile to secure the best outcomes for all his clients. He is committed to career-long learning and brings an extra level of professionalism to the real estate industry that sets him apart from other agents.

Away from work, you’ll find Sam surfing the break at the Cliff and enjoying Newcastle’s beautiful beaches.